In Our Heads about Our Hair


This summer I enrolled in a program that required I do a community project.  The project could be about anything I wanted, but the requirement was that it involve a minimum of 20 and maximum of 200 volunteers.  I decided on a documentary on Black women and how we feel about our hair, about the impact hair has had on our lives.  Having never made a film, I enrolled several of my dear friends to assist me.  They are: Hemamset Angaza, a recent graduate with a B.A. in film Brooklyn College; Maitefa Angaza, journalist, author and producer, and my sister Paulette J. Tabb, educator and longtime film enthusiast..

I entitled the film, “In Our Heads about Our Hair” and we proceeded to interview a wide range of women of all ages, including elders of our community, young ladies and a few girls. Above is a photo of fashion and cultural icon, elder Fernandun June Terry, one of the beautiful subjects featured in our film. This project proved to be a revelation in many ways! First, I had no idea what a commitment of time, dedication and focus film-making requires. The process has touched both my heart and my last nerve! But I’m grateful to have been given the opportunity to initiate a healing dialogue that’s more urgently needed than even I, as a salon owner of many years, had imagined. Our film has funny, painful and surprising moments and a true diversity of perspectives. A work-in-progress excerpt will be screened on September 27th at the Reel Sisters Film Festival. Come out to see it if you can. It will provide food for thought as we await Chris Rock’s film, “Good Hair,” opening in October.  Our film screens at the Kumble Theater in the last segment, on Sunday, September 27th at 5:50 p.m.

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  1. […] documentary, Good Hair, but for those in the NYC area this weekend there’s another film, In Our Heads About our Hair, documenting the wide-ranging perspectives Black women have about their hair.  Getting a film made […]


  2. Posted by Amanda on October 7, 2009 at 1:09 pm

    i would definitely support this film.


  3. […] about the same topic–In Our Heads About Our Hair, a lower budget, work in progress doc from first time filmmaker Anu Prestonia. Within a few minutes of In Our Heads, black female scholar Farah Jasmine Griffin offers a succinct […]


  4. Would love to reconnect with June Terry…Im now in LA.


  5. How can we view this film? I’d love to show this at my university


    • Dear Brownstocking,

      We only have the extended trailer completed at this time. We hope to be completed with the film by the end of spring. And I’d love to be able to get it to you at that time. Thank you for inquiring.


  6. Hi Anu: this is so exciting – I would love the chance to screen the film here in Tokyo: there are a lot of sisters here speaking up about how tough it is to maintain our hair, on top of all of the usual issues.

    anyway, hope all is well: your new style is beautiful – I find this site and the shop site to be so healing, even from so very far away.



    • Thank you Terri,
      We are grateful and blessed to be able to be here and we try not to loose site of that. I’d love to screen the film in Tokyo! Thanks for checking in.


  7. Hello there: I wish I knew of this before now! I also made a film about Hair and it is a topic I love learning more about. Are you still showing this film if so where? Or where can I purchase it and for how much?


    • Hi Jean,
      The movie should be completed by this fall and showing at the Reel Sisters Film Festival here in Brooklyn. There will be notices when it is ready for sale.


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