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Summer, Summertime!

As spring draws to an end and things heat up, we naturally look for ways to keep cool.  The layers have come off  and we look to express ourselves like the flowers that are in bloom, we too want to bloom.  Here are some blooming summer options from Khamit Kinks, to keep you looking cool, feeling cool and of course being cool!

Cinnamon Hawk – a weave that is attached down the center of the head for the show stopping, dramatic look.  This style is definitely not for the faint of heart or shy types.

Golden Twisted Cherokee – an original of Senegal, W. African this style puts a spin on the typical braid with a twist and turn in each braid.  This is a way of having a lighter color without dying your own hair for a brighter spring look.

Nubian Locs – When it’s hot, long Locs can feel like a blanket on your neck and back.  Consider this style of multiple Nubian knotted Locs styled up to keep you cool and stylish.

Thank you for checking out our Summer Summertime styles!

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Cherokee: As an Interim Style


Since the beginning of the year I had been rocking the Tom Boy style and loving it.  But it was indeed time for it to be done over and my appointment was weeks away.  My Manager tried to convince to just deal with it.  But I just couldn’t.  You see I had a partial weave looping at the top of my head to keep the Tom Boy vertical, standing up.  And it had begun to feel like a  muskrat on my head.  In addition to that, because the hair at the nape of my neck is soft, and my new growth had grown out about half an inch, each time I touch my hair, another braid would slide out of my head.  That  is not how I like to roll, so something had to be done in the meantime.  I was really torn because I was really enjoying the Tom Boy.  It’s basically care free, with the exception of finger combing and shaping it after waking it the morning.  Plus,  it really looks like it’s  your own hair and I was receiving tons of compliments on it.  Who wouldn’t want to keep something like that going?

However, I finally decided I would try the Cherokee cornrow style in the interim.  I hadn’t had the Cherokee in about seven years; since before my Sister Locks.  And I must admit, I was concerned that perhaps I was past the age for having a style as “revealing” as the Cherokee.  But considering the response I’ve received, I guess attitude/perspective is more a factor than age.

The Cherokee does offers  a temporary face lift, as most cornrows styles do; and that was right on.  In addition to that,  it’s more care free than even the Tom Boy.  I didn’t have to finger comb it or fluff it into shape; just get up and go.   As this style gets older it has grown on me and I was  even considering getting the Cherokee a second time, especially when those 90 degree days came around.  I mean, we’ve been freezing all spring and then all of a sudden it was just about 90 degrees, three days in a row.  I was happy to have the Cherokee on those days.  It was light and airy and made my head feel cool.

But alas, my appointment for the Tom Boy is “soon come”, and I’m looking forward to that funky ‘fro style.   But just so you know, in a pinch the Cherokee is a great treat and you could get use to it real fast.  Thanks Awa, for an awesome style.