Summer, Summertime!

As spring draws to an end and things heat up, we naturally look for ways to keep cool.  The layers have come off  and we look to express ourselves like the flowers that are in bloom, we too want to bloom.  Here are some blooming summer options from Khamit Kinks, to keep you looking cool, feeling cool and of course being cool!

Cinnamon Hawk – a weave that is attached down the center of the head for the show stopping, dramatic look.  This style is definitely not for the faint of heart or shy types.

Golden Twisted Cherokee – an original of Senegal, W. African this style puts a spin on the typical braid with a twist and turn in each braid.  This is a way of having a lighter color without dying your own hair for a brighter spring look.

Nubian Locs – When it’s hot, long Locs can feel like a blanket on your neck and back.  Consider this style of multiple Nubian knotted Locs styled up to keep you cool and stylish.

Thank you for checking out our Summer Summertime styles!

Please double click on images at the website to see details on pricing and other considerations.

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