Color & Culture of the Natural Bride 2011

Color & Culture 2011

The Locked Bride -Has Locs that are groomed and styled into a Corkscrewed pin-up style.  This is a style for the bride who is cultural and unique.  Proud of her heritage, she is exudes confidence and elegance in her gown of traditional African print panels.  She’s is quite demur in her cocoa colored, sheer face veil.

The Wrapped Bride – This is a style of Silky Dreads sculpted into a light and airy design.  Wearing a silk patch-work, beaded gown, this bride shares her brilliance of color.  Her head piece is a beaded memory wire with iridescent stones.

Soft Mohawk Bridal Style is for the bride who breaks with tradition as wears her hair cut short in a Soft Mohawk on her special day.  Soft and beautiful, she enchants all her guests.  Her head piece is white tulle accented with pearls.  And for the reception she’s sassy with a 20’s styled feathered comb.

Bride of Natural Waves is a bohemian bride of beauty, class, and freedom of expression.  In this patch work silk gown she is like a dream.  This is the perfect look for a beach or destination wedding.   This bride’s head piece is red tulle adorned accented with a red & brown feathers.

Behind the scenes of The Natural Bride 2011

The Natural Bride 2011 is a collaboration between Khamit Kinks Natural Hair Care Salon, Cassandra Bromfield Wedding Gowns, and  Beauloni Style Head Pieces.

Our 2011 Photo shoot included the artistic talent of:

Photographer Keston Duke, Make up Artist Jewel Whinfield a.ka. JiggaJewel, and the gorgeous back drop of Malene Barnett’s beautiful Bedford Stuyvesant Brownstone house.  And we are so grateful to our Project Manager Jason ‘Cisco’ Isaacs.  Wedding bouquets designed by yours truly, Anu Prestonia.

At the Khamit Kinks website, double click on the images for a ‘pop up page’ of details on each style.

7 responses to this post.

  1. We had a wonderful shoot. Thanks Anu


  2. Great video!!! Afro fierce wedding gowns, hair and women…a triple threat and an AWESOME combination. However, as much as I love the concept of natural as oppose to artificial I cannot help but to notice that with all that makeup these beautiful women lose their authenticity. Although the makeup was tasteful, I believe that in order to gain the essence of a truly natural bride it should be considered that the women present themselves the way God intended without the additional baggage of putting on a face 😦 Being a natural woman myself (without makeup) I hold my head up high and know that I am beautiful just the way I am. Thanks for posting this video!!!


    • I hear you Tamekia! It’s an industry standard to have make up, with pumped up lighting to see you and with the scrutiny of a professional camera showing every detail, without make up, so called flaws become magnified and a distraction. When I say flaws I mean things like scars, discoloration, oiliness, and acne. These things are all natural but none of us are used to seeing them in professional photos. But I do understand your point.

      But I also believe that make up can be used to enhance our attributes; to bring out the eyes, show the shape of cheek bones and lips, etc. The ancient Khamitians (Egyptians) were the first to create and use make up from plants, herbs, and fruits. Berries for lip-stick and rouge, coal for the eyes, henna for hair and skin etc.

      I have noticed that when I’m able to get some sun, I am less prone to wear make-up.

      And truthfully, I love make up and I am glad to know that today there are again, natural make up lines.


  3. All the shots are gorgeous! It was definitely a pleasure being in the company of such talented people. It was an awesome experience & I am grateful to have been a part of it! Thank you, Anu & the entire team!


    • Thank you gorgeous one! Not only are you beautiful on the outside, you possess a charming and sweet spirit that makes you welcome in any setting. It was a gift to have you as one of our brides. Thank you Nikita!


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