Young Minds, Infinite Possibilities

Students, Staff of Ifetayo, and Anu

Ifetayo Cultural Arts Center shared some of their dynamic young sisters with us in March. Not familiar with Ifetayo? I’ll let them introduce themselves: “For nineteen years we have taken a leadership role in developing the community we serve by improving the quality of life for its members. We are a supportive community and extended family able to provide our students with skills development and new perceptions leading to responsible decision-making. Our name comes from the West African Yoruba word meaning, “love brings happiness.” This is a guiding principle and the foundation of our approach to the development and growth of our student”s.

Faybiene Miranda and Marilyn Worrell

I was delighted to see these bright students, beautiful young sisters, walk through the doors of Khamit Kinks! And I am happy to report that most of them had natural hair.  The students that participated in the workshop are Ifetayo’s Sisters In Sisterhood (SIS) Rites of Passage program. At Ifetayo, they refer to their young ladies as “sisters” or “Sisters In Sisterhood”.
Our workshop focused on ‘Personal Care and Styling’ and discussed natural vs synthetic products for the hair, scalp and body, the impact of synthetic materials on the body and the environment and natural hygiene. I also shared some insights on being an entrepreneur and what it means to love and appreciate our own culture and aesthetics.

Sisters Marilyn, Anoa, Anu and Faybiene

I had planned a special treat for the students. We brought back the Henna artist to do tattoos on the girls.  They loved it!  The henna was done by Zobia of Henna Phool and Dluhan and she is a true artist.  The SiS left with their smiles, gift bags and a little more knowledge than they had prior to our workshop. And they left me with a smile on my lips and in my heart.

I realized how special it is to be in the presence of young minds and the responsibility and rewards that come from shaping them to realize their true value and infinite possibilities.

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