Desperately Seeking Winter Hairstyle

We’re quickly headed towards the winter season and I need a new hairstyle; not just for the holidays or temporarily.  I need something new for the season, until spring rolls back around or even beyond.  I’ve been wearing twist out styles, which I love, for months now, but I don’t find them too hat friendly.  I must wear a hat in the winter.

I recently had my hair shaped/cut, thinking that would allow me to consider wearing it like this a bit longer.  While I really like the new shape of longer on the top and tapered at the back, the shortening of my hair is presenting some challenges for some of the styles I’ve been considering …So these are some the options I’ve been thinking about:

Baby Curl Twists

Baby Curl Twist – This is one of our most popular styles and I love the way it looks and feels.  The downside is that it’s extensions and I am not feeling extensions at this time.  Up side, it lasts three months.  The challenge is that with my recent hair cut the back is now too short (approximately one and half inches).  With that length in back, my hair is to short to hold on to a soft textured, human hair extension and I therefore, I would end up having constant slippage (twists slipping out).

Tom Boy Twists

The Tom Boy – This was one of my all time favorite styles.  However, it is very much like the Baby Curl Twist in that the same hair is used, but it just styled in a much shorter fashion, giving it that stand up ability.  So the same challenges would exist.  Plus, it’s not hat friendly hairstyle.

Sister Locks

Sister Locks – Now this would be a big commitment.  I had Sister Locks for five years and I cut them off two years ago.  At that time, I thought I’d get my Sister Locks started again within a year or so.  But I got caught up in loving to play with my hair being loose and out not confined by twists, braids, locs or anything, just loose.  My hair being tapered in the back would definitely present a problem for the Sister Locks staying in at this time.   It’s just too short in the back to hold the Sister Locks at this time.

Chubby Twists Weave

A weave– I’m  definitely not feeling that right about now.  But if I did have to choose a weave, it would be the Chubby Twist Weave.  Chubby Twist is much too big to fit under a hat though…


A-Nu’Fro – This is what I’m currently wearing.  The upside is that my hair is out and I can have treatments regularly.  Downside, I have to have my hair done every two to three weeks or so.  I’m really kind of tired of having my hair done this often.  Upside, clients love it and get to see a head of healthy hair when I’m consulting with them.

Short Hair Cut

A Ceasar Haircut – Now on the surface this is what I would call a care-free style, but is it really?  Not!  When you’re wearing your hair short it has to be kept sharp, which means regular trips to the barbers chair.  Upside, we do have two great barbers on staff.  Down side, inability to change your hair for months, until it grows out.

So for now, it seems I’m stuck with what I currently have…  I need at least a month to six weeks of new growth to get the hair in the back of my head, long enough to sustain some of my choices.  How are you planning on wearing your hair for the winter season?  Does having a hat friendly style matter at all to you?

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  1. I like those styles but they do not work well with hats. I too have the same delima because I like to wear hats now. The only thing I can think of is braids.


  2. Posted by Stephanie on January 11, 2011 at 4:17 am

    I too am struggling through this winter season for a natural style that is hat friendly with little maintenance. For know, I’m doing two strand twist at least every other day. I may have to get my baby girl twist – – I traveled from DC to NY to get it done this past summer and it was worth it. I’m strongly considering it for the winter even though I’d prefer to have a style without any extensions.


    • Dear Stephanie,
      I am totally feeling where you’re coming from. This is the third time I’ve ordered hair and then felt that after ordering, that I didn’t want any extensions. But I’m at the point where I am weary of the time it takes to get my hair done every couple of weeks. I’ve recently realized that because my hair is fine and soft (thought it looks really kinky), it doesn’t hold twist-out styles as well as thicker, courser textures.

      Recently a client came in and she had gotten the A-Nu’Fro from us a month earlier. Her hairheld the curls so well, I couldn’t believe she was there to have it done over. My hair would have totally unraveled in that time frame. It would never hold up for a month.

      So I’ve finally decided, I need something that will give me a break for two to three months, so Baby Curl Twist, here I come! We’d love to see you again, so come on up to the Big Apple for your Baby Curl Twists.


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