The Big Chop

The term Big Chop has been gaining popularity for a couple of years now.  It has a drastic sound to it and the actions related to it are just as drastic.  For most, the Big Chop a.k.a. BC, is the act of cutting off all the chemically processed hair on one’s head.  This is not a decision that one goes into lightly, without reflection.  A person deciding to make this move has usually thought about it for a while or has had a serious paradigm shift and can no longer deny, that they are not being their authentic selves.  Or it could be as simple as being tired of seeing your hair ruined from the chemical processing.

This is what happened not only to Rochelle Ritchie, but also to the other women in this video clip.  And this is a phenomena that we’re seeing here at Khamit Kinks on a very regular basis.  I find that when we have clients that come in who want to make this move, their attitude is “Today’s the day”.    “Either you cut it off or I’ll find someone who can do it today, because I can’t take it another day”, seems to be their attitude.  And I totally understand where they’re coming from.  When you’ve seen the light, you want to move into it.

Newscaster at ABC’s Eyewitness News, Melba Tolliver back in the 1970’s had no idea that forty years later she would still be a inspiration for women to take back their true identities.  Though this may seem like it starting happening over night, it has been a slow, evolutionary process, which makes me feel like it will be most lasting.

As we gain more understanding, insight and appreciation of our own aesthetic, beauty and culture, we will look less to others for our identity, for bench marks of what makes us beautiful to ourselves.  We will understand that our uniqueness (in this culture) is what we need to hold onto and celebrate.  We will begin to realize we have to look to ourselves, in our own mirror, to our ancient ancestors for clues to our inherent beauty.  When we love and celebrate ourselves, others will join us in that appreciation and celebration.  They will understand that we’re not trying to imitate them.  Who wants an imitator?  No one!   On a spiritual level, we’re all drawn to authenticity whether we realize it or not.

So Big Chop, bring it on!  We’re here to celebrate your Big Chop decision whether you have less than an inch of new growth or five inches of new growth.  We will consult with you on what your options are once you’ve made the decision to go chemical free.  So please fill our Consultation Form and let’s get down to the real you.  Chop, chop!

8 responses to this post.

  1. Doing the BC is like removing slave chains off! Is a beautiful process & beautiful feeling. In the end the little girl & her mommy are both happy health & satisfied.


  2. Every time I did the ‘BC’ people in the salon would look at me like I was crazy. How many times have we gone into a salon and came out with damage from relaxers that did the same thing? I make no appologies about loving my hair the way it frows from my scalp.


  3. Posted by Siri on December 9, 2010 at 2:18 pm

    Sweet Surrender, Loving Lop, Resourceful Removal go on Sisters, release the true inner you.


  4. Posted by loyhar on December 10, 2010 at 6:10 am

    hi. thanks so much for this story! i did my first BC over 10 years ago. i still recall the sweet, tingling of my scalp as it BREATHED for the first time in a very LONG time. for a few years afterwards, i had several nightmares about being at a salon and having my hair relaxed. upon waking, and realizing that my hair wasn’t in fact relaxed but was still natural, pure relief would rush over me from head to toe. soon, i will be doing my second BC re dread locs (after 8 years). it’s time to let my hair be loose again, for me to feel its natural curl again and to give it a new opportunity to define itself!


    • Love your story Loyhar! I too have had nightmares about my hair being relaxed. And it’s definitely a feeling of renewal and freedom to do a big chop. I hope you will be doing your big chop with us. If so, I look forward to meeting you.


  5. Great video! Much more media attention needs to given to stories like this.


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