I Love My Hair – Children’s Workshop

Last Saturday I participated in a workshop in Harlem called “I Love My Hair” Children’s Workshop.  This workshop was put together by Kissa Starr of Buttafly Unltd. and the idea was to educate parents on how to care for their little one’s hair.  It was also about having the children celebrate their own hair and beauty.  It was a free workshop and so limited to the number of participants.   There were twelve young girls with either their mothers and or fathers or grandparents.

It was really a beautiful event.  I couldn’t help but wonder how my own childhood and life might have been different if the celebration of kinky hair were a reality back then.  But let’s face it, that was back in the early 60’s and kinky hair was nothing more than something to be straightened, quick, fast and in a hurry.

But I digress… One of the most heart warming realities for me was to see fathers in attendance.

I’m not talking about fathers who were coerced into attending, but fathers who love their daughters enough to want to be a part of their loving their hair.

There were three kinds of father’s there.  There was a father who is learning and becoming adept at how to style and care for his daughter’s hair and is pretty good at it.


Naw, I take that back, he is damn good at it.  This dad’s creativity alone, is just inspiring!  There was a single dad there that has total custody of his daughter and is very interested in making sure she continues to keep her beautiful, hair healthy.  His daughter is eleven years old and is yearning to dye her hair.  You know I couldn’t condone that one; chemicals at eleven.  No, way!  Then there was a father who co-parents of his daughters with his ex-wife and wants to be able to address his younger daughter’s  hair when she’s with him.  His daughter is a young model who wears Locs.  It brings tears to my eyes just thinking of this kind of fatherly love…

But hey, let’s not forget the moms!  Why do we get so excited when men do what women have always done and rarely applauded for?  The moms were beautiful, loving and of course supportive, even to me.  They let me know in their own way that they appreciated my presence.  Love the moms!

I shared a panel with Gisselle Singleton, owner of Felicity a children’s hair salon located in Park Slope Brooklyn.  Together Gisselle and I spoke about the ends of outs of healthy hair.  What ingredients to look for in hair products and which ingredients to avoid and how to best care for their children’s hair.

The girls became very excited when it came time to design their very own “I Love My Hair” tee-shirts and they did a brilliant job at this.  Then I got excited when it was time to hand out the fancy hairstyled – cup cakes.  Aren’t they adorable?  They were delicious too!

Kissa has a winner on her hand as I hear she plans to take this concept on the road.  Kissa pulled off a beautiful job of putting this together along with her team of associates and friends who helped her.

Kissa Starr

As we all know, no one person can pull off a successful event all by themselves.  They need several pairs of hands.  Kudos to Kissa’s team.

Some of Kissa’s Team

I wish Kissa great success and that more power to those who seek truth and knowledge on how to properly care for our children’s hair.

Check out one of our children’s videos on a simple shampoo and comb out process.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by donna on February 2, 2011 at 8:58 am

    This is great I’ve wanted to start a series of events like this here in Philly but wasn’t sure if I should team up with another salon or rent a space or what, this gives me somewhat of a guideline to go by.

    Look like it was a great event!


  2. Thanks so much for participating…you are amazing! I love this post.


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