Conkalene – What Was Old Is New Again

Some years ago, around 2005, I wrote an article about the Mohawk and how it had been out for several years and seemed to be continuing to grow in popularity.  We are now in 2010 and I still signs that the Mohawk is not yet through.

I love the diversity of the Mohawk.  I mean there are so  many versions.  Recently I came across one of the most awesome Mohawks I’ve ever seen. I saw a brother who had natural hair all around the side and at the root of his Mohawk.  But the top of his Mohawk was spiked and feathered and his hair looked like a rare exotic bird.  It was fabulous!  I should have just put my groceries down and taken a pic of him.  I let that one get away.

The pic at the top of this article is one that I recently posted on the Khamit Kinks Facebook page.  It’s of a young Puerto Rican brother and I had tagged it as a Mohawk.  But then it hit me , that it was not a Mohawk at all.  In fact it was the updated version of the Conkalene.  And as you can see from his pic at the top of this page, it is dyed, teased and stylized to the hilt.

Check out this artistic sister known as Raye Six.  She is definitely taking it there, pushing the creative envelope all the way.

Some of you are probably too young to remember the days when men wore a tapered cut that had quite a bit of hair stylized on the top of their heads, that often draped down to onto their foreheads.  This was a very popular look in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, especially among entertainers.  In order for those with kinky hair to have this look they conked/ permed their hair to achieve that popular look.

I’m so happy that in this day and age one doesn’t have to conk/perm their hair in order to get the look as we can see here with Janelle Monae.  She’s working this style out, ‘all naturale’.  As far as I am concerned there is no style that can’t be achieved with natural hair.  All you have to do is have the creativity to make it happen.  In other words, keep it kinky even when what is old is new again.  Put the kinky spin on it and keep it real.

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