My Vacation ‘Hair Do’

Kinky Twist-Out

As many of you already know, before my vacation I had been wearing my hair in a Twist-Out for months.   And I was really digging the look and actually attached to it, despite the weekly ritual of having it set.  I did wear my Twist-Out to the beach one day here at home, but I didn’t get in the water that day.  Headed to Puerto Rico for some R&R, I knew I would be getting in the water everyday and would need something a bit more carefree.

A day at Jones Beach, Long Island, NY

I had to have a style that would hold up to the waves and require little to no maintenance.  I had finally decided on cornrows, but then a client came in the same day that I was scheduled to have my hair done and requested the same style that I wanted, but done with Flat Twist instead of Cornrows.  And promptly informed her Stylist Awa, “I’ll have what she has”.  I was so enamored, that I took several pictures of her with the style.

Flat Twist

As I mentioned on my Facebook Page, according to Chinese Astrology, I was born in the year of rooster and I’m not ashamed to admit that I like rooster type hairstyles.

The style only took two to three hours to have put in, it was pain free and could easily have different looks.  It looked sporty when I was on the beach and it looked rather foxy when I dressed for evenings out.

It worked for me and I will certainly consider it again for another time at the beach.  As a matter of fact, I am now enjoying not having to bother with my hair on a daily basis so I’m getting this style again to take me into September.   I did cheat a bit.  You see the client has really thick hair and  my hair is not so thick, so I had some Cotton Spiral (kinky hair extension) added to the ends of my Flat Twist and the single Twists at the front of the style.

Hola!  Be sure to check with Khamit Kinks for your vacation style.

6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Carol Solomon on August 20, 2010 at 7:25 am

    Greetings Anu,

    First I think you vacation do looks great, but to tell the truth, I think all your styles look great on you. You’re extremly blessed and talented.

    I have a question for you. I just got my hair in kinky twist for the second time this past Monday (8/16/10). I went to a different braider than I did the first time. Last night I noticed that I have bumps around my hairline, especially the left side and back. Does this mean the braids are too tight? They didn’t feel especially tight when I was having it done. Could I possibly be allergic to the synthetic hair used? I don’t want my edges to fall out. What do you suggest?


    • Dear Carol,
      You may be allergic to synthetic hair. Was this your first time having synthetic hair? It is apparent that you didn’t have your hair done at Khamit Kinks, though bumps from braids that are too put in too tightly, is unfortunately a common occurrence. I would recommend Lavender essential oil, which can be purchased in the health food store. Mix it with a base oil (olive oil, almond oil). A common remedy that is also often used isNeosporin . If you don’t see any results from these remedies, then you may want to see a Dermatologist to rule out an allergy to the hair.


  2. Posted by Chantal on August 26, 2010 at 4:39 pm


    I know I owe you a testimonial, I will post in the testimonial portion of this blog as well regarding my experience generally. In terms of the style, I LOVE it (yes, it’s still in and I’m holding on as long as I can!). As you may remember I got this style for my best friend’s wedding, and when she saw me the night before the wedding she was in love! And, it goes without saying that a happy bride makes a happy wedding party and a happy wedding! So, thank you and thanks to Awa! I’ve been complimented numerous times and when folks get close and notice that it’s flat twists and not cornrows they’re even more enamored with the style. I even had someone take pictures of me on their cell phone because they liked it so much lol.

    Thanks again!


    • Thank you Chantal,

      It was such a pleasure to serve you. I had no idea of your reservations but I’m loving your style too and just had it done again because mine was fuzzy after shampooing everyday after bathing in the ocean. Enjoy!


  3. Posted by Miss Dee on September 10, 2010 at 11:35 am

    I really love this style! How long should your hair be in order to rock it without extensions on the ends?


    • Dear Miss Dee,
      It really depends on the effect you want, but I would say you need approximately five inches minimum. I did not need the extensions for length. My hair is more than long enough, but I just wanted more fullness, more volume. The client in the picture has really thick hair and she added no extensions.


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