Vacation Hair – Which Style Should I Choose?

Over the years I have had countless women ask for advice regarding styles for their honeymoon and other types of  vacations.  This advice is especially crucial for those who are planning to be in the water because many styles cannot hold up to being in the ocean followed by daily shampooing.  Thankfully though, there are natural hairstyles that can hold up to water frolicking, swimming and dunking.

Bridal Style that can hold up on the Honeymoon

The styles that hold up best are of course, short hair cuts, Locs, and braids or twists done with synthetic extensions.  Other options that hold up to the water are single braids, cornrows, or Two Strand Twists with your own hair, if your hair is long enough to stay braided or twisted and if your texture is kinky enough to hold the braids or twists together.  Braids and weaves with human hair take a beating when exposed to water and can leave you looking like a mess or sitting it out on the hot sand.

Cornrows with synthetic hair

Now that it’s nearly time for my little vacation, and I’ve been going back and forth about what to do with my own hair.  There’s a part of me that would love to take my Kinky Twist-Out on vacation.  And there’s the lazy and practical part of me asking “Are you crazy?”  You see, I’ve been having lots of  fun with the New Natural Kinky Twist-Out, for months now.  Each week I have a Twist out with one of the different lines of products that we offer here at Khamit Kinks.  I’ve tried Jane Carter, Curls, and Hair Rules and I like the results with each of them.  I thought that since I’ll be on vacation, this would be a perfect time to play with my hair everyday and see what it does without twisting it.  And that’s the scary part.  What if I don’t like what it does?  Because for the most part it’s going to be major shrinkage.  Not to mention the time I’d have to put in daily with my hair…

New Natural – Kinky Twist Out

I’ve finally decided that it would be a bit much for me to have my hair loose while going in the ocean everyday.  The time and energy it would require would be too much.  It was a good idea while it lasted, but came to the realization that I’m not up for the daily maintenance that it would require.  Having to do my hair everyday is not my version of a vacation.  Back to life, back to reality.

I finally down to two options: should I have cornrows, as a style that is sculpted and stationary?  Or, should I have single braids, something that is loose, versatile and has movement?  Either way, I would have the style done with just my own hair, no extensions.

New Sister Locks have the look of Single Braids with your own hair

In weighing the options, cornrows would be quicker to have put in.  Then all I’d have to do each day is rinse out the salt water, do a light cleansing with a cream shampoo and conditioner and keep my scalp hydrated with my favorite Anu Essentials Hair Oil.    Upon my return, I could very easily and quickly remove the cornrows and get back to my Kinky Twist Out.

If I go with singles, they take longer to have put in and the taking out, well admittedly, is time consuming.  The good thing is the water will cause the singles to expand and they will be easier to take out when that time comes.  The fact remains though that  I will need help to remove them, along with  a couple of hours to get the un-braiding completed.  The up side to having the single braids is, if I wanted to, I could keep the singles for  up to three months.  They would have the look that  Sister Locks have when they’re first put in, small with little curls on the ends of the braids.  The a easier option would be Two Strand Twists with my own hair.  But despite appearances, my hair isn’t thick enough to give me the fullness I’d like to have with Two Strand Twists.

So it comes down to cornrows that are easy to care for and easy to remove.  Cornrows also offer a youthful look with their instant face lift abilities.  Or should I go with singles that would be versatile and that I could wear for weeks upon my return?  Also, the cornrows would be safe, I know what that would  look like, I wore them for vacation last year.  The singles with my own hair I haven’t had in years and I’m not sure I would like it.

What to do, what to do?  Given my circumstances, what would you choose?  Let me know your thoughts on this  matter.  What style do you opt to have for vacationing near the water?  And if you have a short hair cut, Locs or Sister Locks, no bragging allowed.

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  1. Posted by Lee on August 3, 2010 at 4:46 pm

    I’ve always had single braids when going on my vacations.. As a water baby, I am constantly in and out of the ocean.. I’ve always used human hair not liking the way synthetic feels or look…


  2. Posted by cathy on September 2, 2010 at 2:39 pm

    Going on crusie would like to know Goddess style be great?


    • Hi Cathy,
      Is your own hair natural? Goddess braids would be great for a cruise as long as you’re not going to be swimming. It’s difficult to shampoo the Goddess braid style and your own hair in this style could become quite fuzzy.

      The style I have is quite easy to maintain on vacation. I went in the water everyday, some time several times a day and my hair style remained in tact.


  3. Posted by cathy on September 2, 2010 at 2:41 pm

    Ms. Prestonia, I live in Richmond., Va and I like the style you have.


  4. Posted by An Ment Ra Maat on September 3, 2010 at 11:04 pm

    A new do for the summer was great! I tried the Gypsie twist I am loving it. You can enjoy the summer and look good all day long. Thanks Kamit Kinks.


    • Thank you An Ment Ra,
      For being open to trying something different, because we know how much you love the Baby Curl Twists. I’m glad you’re enjoying your Gypsie Twist.


  5. Posted by Brittany on November 4, 2010 at 5:24 pm


    I recently came across the website and all the fabulous styles. And I really love the Gypsy twist. I am going on a Vacation in a few months and I am looking for a cute/fun/carefree style to wear. But I have a few questions. 1. Does the gypsy hair last in water? I don’t plan on getting in the water often but if I do decide to get in the water will the style still hold up, 2. I was looking at different blogs and read that once the hair is installed it curls up really tight and it didn’t look like what is shown on the website, was this because she installed the hair herself incorrectly or does the hair naturally curl up at first and then fall as time goes on? 3. I have a perm in my hair and I was wondering if this style will look right with my texture of hair? I typically get micro braids but I want to try something different.
    Thanks for your time.


    • Hi Brittany,
      The Gypsy Twist is a great style but not one I’d recommend for someone who is going to be in the water. That hair does not hold up to water and whatever you read about how it responds is probably true. It is also not the type of hair that would stay in if your hair is permed. You would need to have at least 2-3 inches of kinky textured new growth.


  6. Posted by Janet on February 4, 2011 at 8:43 am

    I am currently going all natual, the top of my head consist of about two inches of perm and three to four inches of new growth. My sides and back are about two to three inches of new growth. I have not had a perm in about four and a half months. As you can guess my hair is damage. Four the past two months I have been getting protein and moisterizer treatments, with my own hair being cornrolls or two strand twist, but due to my short sides and back it only stay in for about a week and the it starts to unravel. I plan to continue with my treatments and to continue to go all natural. At the age of 51 and going threw major hot flashes (hair being soak and wet every morning when I awake) my goal is to never put chemicals in my hair again. I said all that to say I am looking for a style to hold me while I am in between, I don’t want to cut my hair, but I do get my ends cut once a month. I want to get singles or a nice cornroll style, but with my sides and back being so short I would need to add hair able for it to stay awhile, do you think adding hair to my hair at this point will damage my hair. HELP!!!!!!


    • Hi Janet, I would need to see the condition of your hair to say so for sure. But based on what you’ve written hear, it doesn’t seem that your hair is weak. Adding extensions would allow you to have some longevity with your styles and would give you a break from weekly styling. If you hair is healthy, extensions done properly will not damage your hair.


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