Oh, What a Night! Natural Curls and Capirinhas

Maya Azucena

On a very hot, Monday, evening, AmberMag. com and Khamit Kinks set out to wow the registered guests of our Curls and Capirinhas event.  It was scheduled as a four-hour event from 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm. We imagined that at 5:30 perhaps two or three guest may arrive and most would trickle in though out the evening.  However, when I opened the doors a little past 5:30, I had the shock of my life to see approximately twenty-five sisters lined up, waiting to enter our event.  This was not something we ever imagined would happen.  This hadn’t happened at other AmberMag events.  The stream of their prior events consisted of an even flow of folks that allowed for things move along smoothly.  But folks lining up early to get into a Khamit Kinks event has happened many times in the past, so what was I thinking not to have guests have definitive appointment times???  I’ll be the first to admit, I slept that one.  But it won’t ever happen again…

That was just the start of a very intense, beautiful, exciting, and for me gratifying evening.  In house were two very adept massage therapists from Just 1 Touch, giving chair massages, two delightful make-up artists, TaNesha Barnes and Shameika Bowman offering a light make up application.  We also had a professional photographer Keston Duke on hand for before and after pics.  And of course we had delicious eats and the exotic treat of the Brazilian Caiprinhas.  The DJ Taurus was spinning the beats.  And last but certainly not least, songstress Maya Azucena really impressed our guest with her powerful and beautiful voice.

I spent most of the evening sequestered in my office conducting consultations with the guests preceding their hair appointments.  And I loved that, getting to sit one to one and chat a bit about their hair, their expectations and what we could recommend for their final outcome.  Each sister was so sweet and beautiful and excited about the possibilities of their natural hair.  That was the fun part for me.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, my wonderful staff was working their buns off in an attempt to try and accommodate all who were present and accounted for.  Unfortunately, by 9:30 we could no longer linger in denial, we had to face the fact that there was no way everyone could have their hair serviced that night.  So we quickly made arrangements for those guests that hadn’t had their hair done to come back in and see us at their convenience.

I would venture to say that 99% of those who had their hair done were very pleased with the results.  And I know those who couldn’t be seen that night were disappointed, which broke my heart because they weren’t as disappointed as I was, at the fact that they were unable to leave with what they had come for.  Most of them thankfully were very gracious and understanding.  And we look forward to serving them in the very near future.

We learned quite a bit that night and is that not what life is about? even in business.  We’ve made note of what did and did not work and we will have all the kinks [pun intended] all figured out, the next go round.  In the meantime, I feel so very blessed that after more than 32 years in the natural hair care business, to see so many sisters, the young ones and the more mature ones coming into the realization about the beauty of their natural texture of their hair.  There seems to be a growing cultural explosion of women who are more than ready, to accept, embrace and nurture their natural hair.  How wonderful it is for me to witness this phenomena.

Despite the snags, I do believe our night was a great success as I saw one smiling face after another leave our salon.  The energy was high and positive and so many were pleased with the services provided.

So stay tuned for the next exciting AmberMag and Khamit Kinks experience.

If you were there that night, feel free to share your experience.

I’d like to extend a Special Thanks to Marcia Cole and her team for  collaborating with Khamit Kinks and making our night,  a very successful one!

To See More Photos Click Here

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