Silver Beauty – Keeping It Real

This video is a look at how beautiful women look despite the fact that they opted not to use chemicals to color their hair.  They look radiant and just as youthful as they would had they been coloring their hair.  Which asks the question, ‘Does coloring your hair really make you look younger’?

In case you’re considering transitioning to silver, let us help you get there.

Facts about Silver Hair

  • Patterns of going silver tend to be primarily hereditary
  • Silver hair tends to be very strong and resilient
  • Silver hair can be resistant to products and training – rather independent
  • Silver hair tends to be dry
  • Silver hair can be softened and tamed with a good conditioning treatments
  • Overall health can have a impact on the color (brightness) sheen and look of silver hair just as with any other hair

Call us for great styling options for silver hair or help you transition to silver

10 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Connie R on July 4, 2010 at 6:55 pm

    I have a quick question regarding hair color in general. My friends and I are debating with is best for coloring locs–commerical dyes or Henna. Since I have locs, I think that using henna would be best since, pure henna contains no chemical or processed dyes. However, I have friends who say that hennas do not give you the full range of color, and the process of putting in a henna is time consuming. and the results are hit and miss. I was curious to find out what type of coloring products you use on natural hair


    • Dear Connie,
      Naturally, henna is best for the hair in terms of it being natural and being a great conditioning treatment. In terms of color though, it’s not always reliable. Most henna (with the exception of black in most cases) will color silver hair – red or orange. Once the hair has had henna on it, it cannot be dyed because the henna coats the hair and will not allow the dye to penetrate.

      At Khamit Kinks we use the Clairol professional colors. Truthfully, there’s nothing natural about them, but they do perform. Natural hair is very resistant to chemicals, more so than hair that’s been made porous by relaxers. When your hair has been relaxed, it readily absorbs other processes like colors. With natural hair the shaft is still tight and in place and has a stronger barrier. All that to say when your hair is natural, especially if it’s locked or silver, you need a strong product in order to successfully color the hair.

      So it comes down to a matter of choice. You might have more luck with a product like Herbatint if you want to use natural colors and achieve the color you want. Remember than henna only deposits color. So it can make a light color darker, but it can never make a dark color lighter with henna.

      Hope this has been helpful.


  2. Posted by Beverly on July 10, 2010 at 3:43 pm

    Hi Anu,

    Thank you so much for this beautiful silver hair video. Is there anything your salon can do to enhance dull white hair? Please let me know and I’ll be right over.




    • You are welcome Beverly. Yes, there is plenty that can be done to enhance white hair. First we have to assess the cause of the dullness. Is your hair natural or relaxed? You can come in for a consultation or in the meantime, you can send me a photo of your hair. Send it to


  3. Posted by Trudy Alston on July 12, 2010 at 10:56 am

    Hi Anu,

    Silver foxes, I love it! You kept it real. I’m so glad I found Khamit Kinks.


  4. I live not to far from Baton Rouge, La. we have limited to no resources for natural hair. I have gray hair but it’s dull. I use kinky curly products. I can wear wash and go hair styles but the areas where I have the most gray I don’t have good curl definition. I also would like my shoulder length hair cut in a style. I will have to bring this info to a salon or do it myself so I need detailed info. Please help me!


    • Dear Jacquelyn,
      You are not alone. There are far more areas around the country without natural hair care providers, than there are with natural hair care providers. Gray hair is resistant, wiry, tends to be dry and can be difficult to manage. If I were you, I’d find a great salon that knows hair to treat gray hair and style it, regardless of the ethnicity of the establishment. If that’s not an option, you can start off by using products made specifically to brighten dull, gray hair. I believe Aveda has a line of products made specifically for gray hair. Follow that up with deep conditioning of your hair. The deep conditioning is very important and will allow the gray to become more pliable and easier to style. Best of luck.


  5. Posted by Grace Ribadu on April 4, 2011 at 10:48 pm

    I’ve written a few times recently, and about my getting rid of my locs. I have two situations, my long dreds, which I wrote to you about wanting to get rid of but not all of it, and a need to get rid of the gray in my hair. So how would you approach this dual situation? I think you are great Anu, and I’m going to be a nuisance to you about my hair, because I believe Khamit Kinks, which I discovered on Nappturality, has the answers I need. I feel a new natural do will give me a new lease on life.


    • Hi Grace,
      It’s spring and that’s always a great time of the year for new beginnings. If you are feeling the urge for a new lease on life start with giving yourself an updated look. Wow your friends, family and yourself and get some bounce in your spring step! You can shorten your Locs and yes color them naturally and then do a set on them, a crimp set, roller or rod set to give them some body and bounce. That’s my recommendation.


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