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Recently a client called to share with me how very happy she was about the hairstyle she had received at Khamit Kinks.   Her happiness and pleasure moved me to tears.  I thanked her for taking the time to call and share her happiness; because often when someone takes the time to communicate with a company, it is because they want to voice a complaint.  So this was certainly a welcomed change, a  heartfelt and moving experience for me.  Many clients have expressed their love of our products and services over the years.  If you are happy to be a Khamit Kinks client, whether you have received services, a hairstyle or consultation from us or you’ve ordered our quality products on line, please take the time to share your pleasure with others via this blog post.

Mucho Gracias!

The attitude of gratitude leads to a delightful state of grace’.

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  1. Posted by Denese on May 4, 2010 at 1:55 pm

    Khamit Kinks is an oasis in a busy city. Your staff is wonderful and my stylist Andre is the best. He makes sure I look my best–he maintains my signature cropped fro and brows. He is gifted!! I never leave home without my Anu’s pink petals body butter. Bless you


  2. Hi Anu,

    I had heard about the fabulous Khamit Kinks years before I had come to know you. While I never set foot in the salon when it was located in TriBeca, the word was that if you wanted to have a 1st class, natural hair care session, then this was the place to go.

    Now knowing Khamit Kinks more intimately, I realize that you have been the source for the vision of beauty and care that your clients experience and your staff superbly executes. That vision is key, especially when you see the standards that most so-called salons operate under these days.

    My hope is that your vision finds other outlets, as sisters throughout the country need to know about how Anu’s touch can truly enhance their beauty.

    Peace & Blessings ~ Henry


  3. Posted by Pat Shuford on June 9, 2010 at 11:10 am

    Thanks for taking the time to share, thanks for the added resources.


  4. Posted by Basirat on June 21, 2010 at 7:32 am

    Hello Anu,

    I just want to express that I feel so happy and so free with my new sisterlocks. This coming Saturday would be a month since I had them installed and I could not be any happier and content. My problem areas are filling in nicely; this style camouflages it so well! Not to mention, Nene and Khady were just great! They made me feel very comfortable and the way the did my hair showed me how much pride they take in their work and in making sure their clients are satisfied with their work. Khamit Kinks is the best. I plan on staying here for a very long time. I hope you are enjoying the summer. =)



  5. Posted by Angela M. Blount-White on July 9, 2010 at 11:49 am

    Hello everyone,

    It is difficult to express in mere words just how happy I am with my Baby Curl Twists I received at Khamit Kinks Salon.
    I had just my BC done, and was feeling a bit anxious over being a natural newbie.
    From beginning to end, the service that I received there was impeccable. Everyone; Anu, Taiesha, Awa, and the other stylists as well, were so warm, welcoming and gracious. I can’t wait to my next appointment; so worth the trip from Ohio!

    Khamit Kinks is not just a not just a Natural Hair Salon it is an experience!
    If you want to do something Loving for yourself, take a trip over to Khamit Kinks, I assure you, you’ll be glad you did! 😉

    All Love,


    • Thank you Angela, for the long trek from Ohio to have your hair done. It was a pleasure to meet someone so positive and delightful. Clients like you remind me of why I do this when times get tough. You are a treasure.


  6. Posted by Joanne Martinez on July 22, 2010 at 5:12 pm

    Hi Anu! I recently came to Khamit Kinks to get my hair done for the first time and I had reservations about going natural and doing my hair in a shorter style, even after my consultation. I’m happy to say that I’ve received nothing but glowing remarks about my beautiful new hairstyle! (Chicago Breeze) I want to thank you for making me feel good immediatley after my style was complete with the impromptu “photo shoot” that really bolstered my ego. (Next top model style, LOL!)

    I sent you a picture that a friend asked me to take of the style, as she is interested in coming to the salon as well. I have and will continue to recommend you and your lovely staff to family and friends. (Anta is fabulous!)

    Thanks again and see you soon!

    Sincerely a satisfied customer,


    • Posted by Angela M. Blount-White on July 22, 2010 at 8:45 pm

      Hello Joanne,

      Would You mind posting a pic of Your new hairstyle? I’m planning on traveling back to Khamit Kinks in the next month and a half, and thinking about trying out another hairstyle.

      Thanks in advance and Congrats on Loving Your hair,


  7. Posted by Chantal on August 26, 2010 at 5:02 pm


    I’ll start by telling everyone that I think that the experience at your salon was the best experience that I could have hoped for having gone natural a year ago. Until I visited your salon, I had done my hair myself and was deathly afraid of letting anyone else touch it for fear that I’d relive my childhood complete with broken combs and extreme pain. The thing that drove me to get my hair done professionally was a wedding that I participated in. I happened to be strolling down Gold street and stumbled past the salon. I fought with the decision to get my hair done and decided that I could deal with any pain, broken strands of hair, and a temporary face-lift for my best friend’s wedding, but I knew it wouldn’t be something I’d do again. So, I reluctantly made my appointment and worked up some anxiety until I came in to get my hair done.

    Fast forward to “D-day”, there was no turning back now, lol. I said a prayer before I left my home and said “Lord, save me from pain” (some may think it’s silly, but I’m tenderheaded!). I arrived at the salon and was greeted by Taeisha (who I had previously warned about the nature of my tender head) and she informed me that she was going to say a prayer too! I figured with two of us praying, we had to be set! I was early and waited for my stylist to arrive. Awa did my hair and from the time I met her I knew it was going to be a great experience. She is soft-spoken and so calming and gentle. She washed my hair much in the way that I would wash it if I did it myself (definitely a good sign that you’re in the right place!). She detangled with the hands of angels, being more gentle at times than I would have been, go figure. She detangled my hair in small sections and then twisted them to keep them from getting tangled again, I chose a hot oil for my hot oil treatment and sat under the dryer for a while. Then she dried each section with the blow dryer after moisturizing with a light hairdress and again the gentle factor was amazing! Finally, when my hair was blown out, she began to braid, and I preemptively began to wince, BUT to my amazement I barely felt what was going on up there! She has the most gentle way of doing hair that shows she cares about the condition of your hair, even own to the follicles, she’s careful not to add any pressure while making sure the style is as neat as can be!

    All in all, I left the salon without a temporary face-lift, able to laugh, smile and be picture-perfect for my best friend’s wedding. I’ve received innumerable compliments since getting my hair done. I will definitely be coming back for more styles and maybe just as a treat, it’s nice to be pampered, and Khamit Kinks does that very well. Anu, you run a wonderful establishment and I’ve already recommended you to everyone who has asked about my hair, keep doing what you’re doing and hiring stylists who care about natural hair! 🙂 Awa, I’m going to try to see you before the year is out! Thank you so very much again for the experience, you did a wonderful job and I know you will continue to make a difference in other people’s lives as well.

    Thanks to the staff of Khamit Kinks, it’s a great place!

    Many blessings to you all!


    • Thank you so much. You have brought tears to my eyes that ran down my face. Thank you so very much for sharing your experience. The more we know about our beautiful hair, the more we’ll realize there’s no need for pain.


  8. Posted by Tonae Holley on September 14, 2010 at 8:19 pm

    I love, love, love Khamit Kinks! I got my locs started there, they design my beautiful wedding hairdo. I have been going to Khamit Kinks on and off for 11 years. I live in New Jersey and have tried so many salons in NJ. The travel to Khamit Kinks is hard, but so worth it. I love the whole experience. The oil treatment is my favorite. I love the choices of oil. Green tea is my favorite, but in the winter months I like the medicinal oil. My stylist(Sesh) is the best. She is always patient and gentle and gives the best shampoo. I have a stylist in New Jersey that I visit when I’m just too busy or lazy to make it to Khamit Kinks. Then I have Sesh when I’m craving the Khamit Kinks experience. My NJ stylist knows if she doesn’t see me that month I’m headed to Khamit Kinks!!!!! The Khamit Kinks experience is so worth the time and money. No where in NJ do I get the oil treatment, the professionalism and just great experience ever. The whole staff is fantastic.


  9. Posted by Miss Dee on October 10, 2010 at 8:22 am

    I came in Friday morning, the day before my wedding, stressed, frustrated and flustered because after an hour and a half trek to Brooklyn to make it on time for my 10am appt, I discovered the shop didn’t open until 11. The shop was unable to reach me to let me know they made an error in giving me a 10 o’clock appt. I’ve been to salons where they are clearly in the wrong and have no respect for their clients time. Khamit Kinks is NOT one of those salons. Your staff was very accomodating and professional, they were apologetic and reassuring. Fatoumata did an AMAZING job on my hair. When I was pressed for time Taeisha jumped in and assisted with styling my hair. Melody offered encouraging words about my upcoming wedding day and marriage. I made it to my rehearsal right on time and more importantly, my hair exceeded my expectations and vision for how I wanted to look on my wedding day. Everyone loved it, especially my husband! As soon as my professional pics are available, I’ll send them to you.

    I just wanted to let you know that you have an amazing team of beautiful, professional and compassionate women at Khamit Kinks. I wish you continued success and I will be back!


    • Dear Ms. Dee,
      As I began reading your post I realized I stopped breathing and my heart felt like it was in my throat. I sincerely apologize for that mix up, in spite of the fact that everything went well. I am so relieved and delighted to know everything worked out beautifully. Being a bride can be a stressful experience and the number of things that can go ‘differently’ than what you expected can compound that stress. So I know how you must have felt.

      I do have an amazing team and I give thanks for that and am so happy to know that another beautiful sister had a beautiful experience at Khamit Kinks.

      Congratulations on your wedding and may your marriage be an amazing journey for the both of you.

      Give Thanks!


  10. Posted by Ms. Dee on October 16, 2010 at 11:55 am

    Thank you for the well wishes. What you said about things going “differently” is key. Differently doesn’t always mean wrong; in the end things fall into place the way they were meant to. Not sure if you received the photos via email, but I posted a pic on Khamit Kinks fb page.

    See you soon 🙂


    • Dear Ms. Dee,
      I did not receive the photos you sent to us via email, though I did see the image you posted on fb which is absolutely beautiful.

      We look forward to seeing you soon.


  11. On Nov 12, 2010, at 12:14 PM, Sandra Delalue-Mesidor wrote:

    I first want to say thank you to Khamit Kinks and Ms. Prestonia, for providing the services that you give. I live 2 hours north of the city and I do my best to make it there to get my hair done. Ever since I decided to take the jump and stop braiding my hair and loc it back in March 2008 Aingeel has been caring for my hair. Last week we colored it and as apprehensive as I was about that as I was about locing it at first, I love it! I have gotten many compliments and am proud and happy to tell people where I get my hair done. Its funny how people think of grooming your locs as extravagant or unecassary. Your not a real dread I hear people say, all you have to do is separate them! I think thats funny but of of course after a visit to the salon I’m the one laughing cause the same ones are now ooing and aahing over how nice and healthy it looks. Thank you for helping me to look and feel good au naturel.


    Sandra Delalue-Mesidor


  12. Posted by Jean Matthews on November 18, 2010 at 2:08 pm

    To Anu and Staff:

    Yesterday I drove from Reston, Virginia to NY for a consultation. I decided to pamper myself and I enjoyed every minute. The ladies at the front desk were polite, professional and caring….but I expected nothing less. My consultation with Anu was excellent, with no pressure to purchase products…..just an opportunity to discuss how to keep natural hair healthy and stylish. All of the stylists that I saw in the salon area were true artists. I received a cut and shampoo from a gentleman (I think his name was Andre….forgive me if I am wrong). He saw the apprehension on my face but thoroughly relaxed me with his calmness and knowledge about natural hair. I am a senior citizen with a grey natural and was somewhat reluctant to try new styles but the stylist worked wonders with his scissors and I was pleased with the results.

    Thanks from a satisfied customer.


  13. Just want to say on my last visit I ask for highlights all over the top of my head. did not know what to expect but after the final result I Love It Love It..

    I wanted something different and I just wanted to say thanks along with the trim I feel good about how I look.
    thanks to Khady she is the best and makes sure that I am satisfied with the results of my hair.

    It is worth the trip to come down..


  14. Posted by Brenda on March 28, 2011 at 2:18 am

    Good Morning Anu,

    I want you and your staff to know how much I love my hair! My initial experience in your salon on Friday, March 18, 2011 was wonderful and comfortable. This is the first time I did not leave a salon with:

    1) a headache from twisting/braiding my hair; or the hair extensions were too long, too heavy or curled after I said not to do so.

    2) twisted/braided hair, but without any style.

    I am pleased!

    The care and time taken with my hair was worth the travel from NJ (approximately 30 minutes north of Atlantic City).

    Thank you, take care and I will see you in April for my upkeep/touch up appointment.



    • Thank you Brenda,
      Especially for making such a long trek to us to have your hair done. I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to share your positive experience with us.



  15. Posted by Kpana on March 28, 2011 at 6:48 am

    Hello. After browsing your web site for the past two years I finally came in yesterday for a cut and color. Andre did a fabulous job on my hair. He was patient and took his time and he explained what he was doing. He also asked questions to get a history of what I have been doing to my hair and what I use. The coppery red color came out great. The young lady at the front desk was also very nice. I can’t remember her name but she made me tea and took my coat. I felt at home. Even the stylist who were working with other clients were friendly toward me. I am hoping to save up to have my hair styled at your salon. Thanks again. I feel blessed to live in NY and be able to hop on the train to come to your salon after reading that some people come from out of state. I will highly recommend Khamit Kinks to my friends and family.


    • Thank you Kpana,
      For sharing your experience at Khamit Kinks. I feel so blessed to have clients who appreciate what we do and who know how to treat those who serve them. What an honor to serve you.



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