How Sister Locks Assisted in the Loss of 51 lbs.

The story of journalist and Khamit Kinks client Jacqui Farmer

Yes I did.

I did it.

I dropped fifty pounds and lowered my blood pressure and cholesterol count!

About a year ago in prayer and meditation, I took an accounting of the then 58-year old me. I was almost 60 pounds overweight and taking four pills a day to battle rising blood pressure and climbing cholesterol, diseases that ran through both sides of my family. In fact, hypertension was cited as a contributing cause in the early death of my father many years ago. So with my ‘swinging 60s’ ahead of me, I took a long hard look at how I wanted to be and feel in this next phase of my life. I’d been getting heavier and unhealthier with each passing year and I challenged myself to change, to honor my body/myself. This was my present, but it did not have to be my future.

I knew that whatever changes I made had to be things I would enjoy doing for the rest of my life. I kept my Y membership and dropped my personal trainer, but asked him to create a simple all-body workout, which I did a few times a week. I started Pilates classes twice a week and joined a power-walking group. (This sounds much more time consuming than it was.)  I got up earlier in the morning to do my workout. The walking class met at 6:30 am and Pilates also started early. The other big step I took was to return for my fourth go-round with Weight Watchers, this time resolved to just do the plan, not fight it.


It worked for me.  I lost steadily for over a year, finally dropping 51.8 pounds.  I also dropped my three daily medications for high blood pressure.  Now I take a very small dosage of cholesterol-lowering medication every other day.  Since I have no prescription drug insurance, this has translated into a big savings for my pocketbook, as well.

I find myself telling and re-telling my story to those who want to make their own changes.  I also listen to stories about their struggles with weight gain, bad eating habits and a desire to exercise and move more. Sadly, I also hear how some of us shun exercise or avoid the pool or sauna because of our hairstyles. It can certainly be a challenge.

Earlier this year, one of my Y friends asked me to take a Bikram Yoga class with her.  In practice you assume 26 different poses over 90 minutes, in a room where the temperature can reach 110-degrees. Thank heaven for Sister Locs!  Wearing my hair in its natural stare has helped me pursue and accomplish my ongoing commitment to me.  I work-out, rinse out, and go.  My natural curl creates a nice shoulder-length, easy go-to style. When I want more, I set it on soft or hard rollers, release and style.


But what about sister-friends who rock other styles?  Some have told me it curtails their pursuit of exercise. I like to think we do the best we can most of the time. Recently, I perhaps had a glimpse into the future. I noticed a young sister in the locker room at Bikram yoga.  As our eyes met, she nodded and gathered up her bone-straight hair before pinning it up. I’ll keep an eye out for her and ask her what a number of women have asked me when we talk of exercising, and the practice of Bikram yoga: What do you do with your hair?

So… fifty pounds lighter, I’m looking forward to my sixties.  Seriously. I look good, and more importantly, I feel good! I’ve learned this is a process and I’m still in the game.  Oh, my newest resolution is to honor my hair. I’m on the hunt for a cute color and cut for the summer. See you at yoga.

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  1. Posted by Claudia Withers on March 31, 2010 at 3:40 pm

    I am so inspired by your story — both the weight loss and the hair. I am 57 and walking, which is good, but I like your combination of Pilates, yoga and walking. Also like the sister locs, which look lovely.


    • Hi Claudia,
      When I saw our client Jacqui, had lost a considerable amount of weight, I had to inquire. I was happy to know that her weight loss was something that she had decided to do, instead of something that was happening to her. I sincerely believe our heath and well being has a significant impact on our appearance, specifically our hair. And that is why I requested that Jacqui allow me to share her story with our readership. Glad you found her story of value.


    • Hi Claudia,
      Thank you for your kind thoughts. I am so happy to hear you are walking more. That’s just how I began my exercising plan–finding one thing I enjoyed doing and resolving to keep doing it. You might want to invest in a pedometer and challenge yourself even more. At Weight Watchers we were encouraged to set a goal of 10,000 steps, about three miles, a day. It may surprise you to learn how many steps you already take just going about your daily routine.


  2. Posted by Andrea on March 31, 2010 at 10:44 pm

    Congrats on your accomplishments Jacqui! You look incredible and your story is so inspiring. I am 43 and have been struggling with improving my health, developing a consistent exercise program, as well as transitioning from a relaxer. Your story is so uplifting and gives me so much hope. I will definitely focus my efforts on finding a form of exercise that keeps me interested and motivated. Thanks for sharing your story. Blessings!


    • Blessings to you, Andrea!
      You are to be commended for making a commitment to take care of yourself.
      Keep your mind open in your quest for forms of exercise that will keep you motivated. Look for something fun that also challenges you. Dance classes? Spinning? I’m thinking about taking ice skating lessons this summer, just to shake it up.


  3. Thanks for sharing your inspirational story. You look no older than 30 my friend. Stay beautiful.


  4. Posted by Danielle Vilson on April 6, 2010 at 10:22 am

    I am very proud of you. i’m at the same point you were at I am a year younger that you and need to loose fifty pounds. I’m at the point that I’ve had enough. I have high blood pressure but I have started to taking any medication so I know that is dangerous but I believe loosing weight will bring my blood pressure down to normal. I am a vegetarian and a non- drinker so I believe that changing my bad eating habits and including consistant excercise will help Any other suggestions from you or anyone will be greatly appreciated


  5. Posted by Danielle Vilson on April 6, 2010 at 10:25 am

    I would like to know the excercise routine that your trainer gave u. Can’t afford a trainer right now and I want to be able to do the correct routine to loose weight, get in shape and gain tonation. Any suggestions from you or anyone please contact me. I believe this is my year!!!!


    • This is your year Danielle and congratulations on beginning to take steps to take care of you! Exercise is a great way to build muscle mass which helps burn calories. I believe the key to getting the benefits from a program is good form and staying focused and interested. If you can’t invest in a trainer right now, consider getting a workout video to follow. A good one will demonstrate good form, and hopefully include a good music track to keep you on point. Ask friends for suggestions or go on-line. I didn’t use it, but I’m told Weight Watchers has a good beginners and intermediate workout video. Good luck!!


  6. Posted by Shamieka on April 13, 2010 at 6:54 am

    Lovely story!


  7. Posted by Deborah on May 20, 2010 at 11:33 am

    It’s amazing how much our lives parallel. I am going thru the same transformation — soon to be 60, weight watchers, the Y, pilates and ultimately Bikram yoga. I’m 10 lbs from my goal weight of 136 lbs. Your story has inspired me to continue on my journey. Thanks for the encouragement.


  8. Posted by Rhonda on June 1, 2010 at 7:14 pm

    Hi I absolutely love your tom boy baby curl style. How much does this hairstyle cost? How many inches of natural hair do you have to have?

    I recently took down micro twist and they broke my hair off really bad. I think it is because they used JAM on it when they did them. It made my hair knot up really bad when I took them down.

    Are the tom boy baby curl braids real small? And how long does that style last? I also workout and would like to know if it is a good style for working out?


    • Dear Rhonda,
      The best length for the Tom Boy braids would be 2-4 inches. The braids are small but not micro, micro braids do break your hair off. The style last three months. Many of our clients who regularly have their hair done in Baby Curl Twist, also work out on a regular basis. If you’re own hair is soft and silky, it won’t work because that hair is also soft and it will slide. It’s best when your own hair is of a kinky texture.

      Click her for cost Baby Curl Twist


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