Cleansing Your Temple

Yes, we all want our hair to be beautiful.  But it’s not only about the hair, it’s about the whole body.  There’s nothing like having vibrant health because that’s one sure way to have vibrant, healthy hair.  One way to achieve vibrant health is to cleanse the body from time to time.  The Vernal Equinox begins this coming Saturday, March 20th and I’m on a quest to cleanse my temple.  Perhaps you’d like to join me on this four day journey.  If so click here and let’s get ready: Cleansing Your Temple.

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  1. Posted by Gena S. on March 17, 2010 at 8:23 pm

    Hello Anu,
    I am a group fitness instructor with natural hair that I usually wear in a bun on big chunky twists when I teach. I would love to have the Chaka Khan weave but would like to know if it can be washed or is it a good hair style choice for an instructor. I teach 9-11classes a week and I sweat alot. I love this style and wanted to give my hair a break. Thank you for your response.


  2. Hello Anu, I have 11 month old sisterlocs that were installed while having 6 inches of perm on the ends which have already been cut off, my problem is that my hair is not growing it’s thicker but I don’t see that much growth, can you please share with me on how I can grow my hair longer.


    • Hi Bertha,
      While your hair may be growing slowly, it is growing other wise you would have no hair. You have to be patient. Eleven months is not that much time. Everyone’s hair grows at different rates depending on the texture of their hair, age, health, etc. You can encourage growth with nightly, gentle scalp massage using a stimulating oil like Anu Essentials Medicinal hair oil. I say stimulating because our Medicinal oil is formulated with natural botanicals like rosemary, nettles, lavender etc.


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