Holiday Gifts to Smell Good, Look Good, Feel Good

This season is a great time to gift your loved ones with luscious products from

Khamit Kinks

Our products are great ideas for

Smelling good, Looking good and Feeling good!

From now until January 1st purchase any three of our products in a gift set for $30.00.  You can mix and match and delight

your friends, family and colleagues with

Khamit Kinks Products!

Khamit Kinks Gift Card, available in all denominations.

Popular gift sets include Green Tea Hair Oil, Body Butter and Soap or Golden Blossom Hair Oil matched with our Juicy Body Butter and Juicy Soap.


Any of these items on their own makes a great stocking stuffer.

And don’t be shy about putting our products, gift cards or services on Santa’s list for yourself.

Give us a call for other gift ideas – 718-422-2600

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by DeeUK on December 17, 2009 at 5:45 pm

    These look lovely! Do you happen to ship to the UK? (Please say yes!) Also, can you recommend the best ones for my sisterlocks? (I’m curious, what was your regimen when you had sisterlocks?)


    • Thank you Dee,

      Yes, we do ship to the UK. In terms of your Sister Locks it really depends on your preference for scent and whether or not you have any dry scalp issues. For scalp problems we do recommend the Medicinal. They’re all good for both hair and scalp but the Medicinal is spiked with extra herbs. You can visit our website for a description on the scents of the other oils.


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