The Intrigue of the A-Nu ‘Fro Continues

Last month I wrote about my angst in considering extensions (textured weaves) as a style option.  Since that posting, I have had a number of readers who took the time to tell me they liked my A-Nu ‘Fro style.  Some conveyed their sentiment online, others did so when they ran into me at the salon or other spots (like the Park Slope Food Coop).  Their words honestly warmed my heart.  I appreciate all of your support and for confirming my decision not to add extensions at this time.

Since then, via our blog and emails, I have received quite a few inquires about the A-Nu ‘Fro.  So here’s the dillio:  I’ve been rocking the A-Nu ‘Fro for over four months now and it’s been a great journey, full of surprises and compliments.  The A-Nu’Fro is not a static style, it’s the type of style that changes day to day, at least mine did.  Depending on your type of hair and your life style, the A-Nu’Fro can last anywhere from two to six weeks.  It really depends on any number of variables, do you sweat a lot in your scalp, how much moisture your hair is exposed to on a daily basis etc.  But the primary determining factor in how this style will hold up, is the texture of your hair.

In our online Consultation form we ask clients to describe their hair texture on a scale from one to ten; with one being straight and ten being very tightly curled/ kinky.  My hairs falls about seven on this scale.  It looks really kinky, but it’s not what I’d call “strong”(very course textured) hair; the kind of hair that would make this style long lasting.  One thing I found out early in my career is no matter how similar our hair looks, each of us has hair that is as individual as our finger prints; looking at the hair is only part of the story; feeling it and working with it can reveal an entirely different story.  For example, take the way my hair looks after two weeks of wearing the A-Nu ‘Fro, it looks like a fuzzy halo is surrounding it.   A tighter hair texture wouldn’t look that way until perhaps the fourth week of wearing this style.

There are some requirements, like your hair can’t be too long (4 inches max).  So I recently had a couple of inches cut off because my hair had grown quite a bit from wearing this style.  This is due to the fact that there isn’t any combing through of the hair; only lifting of the roots with an Afro pick or finger combing to shape the ‘Fro.  Still, because my hair gets fuzzy so soon, I’m forced to have this style done more often than I’d like to be sitting in a styling chair (every 2-3 weeks).  This short   time-frame lead me to considering taking the plunge of starting Sister Locks again.   But the more I thought about it, the more I realized I’m not ready for that kind of commitment yet.  I want to play around a little longer with my “loose hair” options.  Wearing my hair out and experiencing the changes that occur with it, is starting to be a lot of fun for me.  I’m glad I still have the option of the A-Nu ‘Fro, it continues to intrigue me…

7 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by rhonda on January 14, 2010 at 12:05 pm

    Hi Anu
    I needto know what are the best products for natural hair
    that is using perment hair color. I recently haqd to have my cut do tonthe ends being so dry that they felt like a brillo pad after blow drying straight to trim them.I need good products I can use at home to keep the ends hydrated.I
    love my natural hair & do not want to be a slave to the perm.I also do not want to keep cutting inches off every 3 months. Help!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Posted by Wendy on March 28, 2010 at 7:37 am

    Hi Anu!

    I have short, fine and very soft hair. I really like you A Nu Fro style. Do you think that I can have this style?
    How much can it cost me? and how long can it last? I am serious about it, so please let me know by. Thank you


  3. Posted by Mel B. on November 4, 2010 at 5:59 pm

    Hello, Anu,

    I am from Denham Springs, Louisiana, and I love the look of the A-Nu ‘Fro! I just cut all of my hair off two weeks ago, so I have a TWA! I would love to try the A-Nu ‘Fro, but I haven’t found anyone in my area that knows how to do the style. (And as much as I would like to jump on a plane and visit NY to get my hair done, it’s just not in the budget:) Any suggestions on how I can wear this beautiful style?


    • Hi Mel,
      The A-Nu ‘Fro is done with a single twist that is then opened up or as we call it stripped. That’s is as much as I can explain. It’s more or less a Twist-Out, except that it’s a single twist instead of a Two Strand Twist. I hope this is helpful.


  4. Posted by angie on April 7, 2011 at 8:44 pm

    just beautiful! no more


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