The Natural Bride


This is a presentation of the Natural Bride with hair by Khamit Kinks, headpieces by Sherri Hobson of Beauloni Style, bridal gowns by Cassandra Broomfield, and photos by Mireille Liong of and make up by Shenelle Mays.  Hair executed by Awa Thiam and Fatoumata Mbaw.  It’s been some time since the dynamic trio of Khamit Kinks, Beauloni Style and Cassandra Bromfield collaborated for a bridal shoot, but it was well worth the wait.  We believe that a Natural Bride is a beautiful bride.  We know for certain that a bride doesn’t have to straighten her hair to be just as stunning as any other bride.  Instead, she can express her true self and incorporate key elements from her own culture for her special day.


Lagina is wearing a silk Charmeuse bias cut, cowl neck gown with an asymmetrical waist that is beaded with tiny beads and shells for the sensuous bride.  The very patient and accommodating Lagina sat for many hours for this soft styled, single braids.  This style is created with small single braids using textured human hair.  A bride couldn’t help but feel stunning in a rich style such as this one.  Lagina’s hair is accented with a Sterling silver tiara with blush variety of freshwater pearls with matching earrings.


Lurie is wearing a Chantilly lace top in light pink color.  Vintage pearls in varying sizes are beaded around the neckline.  This is a knee length 1/2 circle skirt in silk satin for the sweet but sassy bride.  Lurie has enough hair for three people.  But for this wedding day look we decide to reign in her bigger than life size ‘fro and gave her a Micro Flat Twist, styled into a classic wedding bun for that sweet and demur look.  Lurie hair is adorned with willow draped Preciosa tear drop Swarovski crystals set on a comb. With crystal and fresh water pearl earrings


Kemi – is wearing a China Silk Patchwork tie dyed skirt with doily lace jacket.  This is a look for the daring bride.  Kemi  has awesome flare, so we decided to compliment her personality with the Cherokee Up-Sweep Cornrows, for that not so shy bride who prefers a dramatic look.  Whoever said that cornrows aren’t sophisticated, elegant, and fabulous, obviously hasn’t seen a bride styled by Khamit Kinks.  Kemi’s hair accents are bold.  She’s wearing a Smoky gold Swarovski crystals headpiece assembled with gold feathery wiring embracing a beige mélange of rooster feathers in an asymmetrical look, with matching earrings.


Nefertite is wearing a Silk Charmeuse Patchwork slip dress with caplet in 4 silk that is dyed with gold beads and feathers for the demur but confident bride.  Nefertite was actually given this name at birth and it’s so fitting for such an elegant and genuinely sweet bride.  Nefertite is wearing free flowing Senegalese Twist, a style that will have no problem holding up to a Caribbean honeymoon.  This style isn’t altered one bit by azure blue, sea waters.  A Cowrie Shell Goddess reef, embellished with iridescent crystals, crowns Nefertite’s hair.

So if you’re getting married or if  you’re going to be part of a bridal party, consult with us so that we can help you make the perfect decision for that special day.  Click her for more images of our brides or watch the montage on YouTube

16 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by BFH on July 7, 2009 at 1:31 pm

    How about some natural styles that don’t require extensions or a professional? A modified twist-out would be cool.


  2. Posted by Leah on August 3, 2009 at 4:37 pm

    Getting married soon and was wondering what I might do to my hair. Can’t say enough how much I LOVE the flat twists!!! Dilemna solved! Thanks


    • Dear Leah, Flat Twist are an excellent choice in that you can style you hair is a very classic look that’s care free and elegant. And yet after it’s all over it’s still a style that you can dress down and wear with jeans or a sun-dress. Excellent choice.


  3. How-do-you-do, I came up with your web page in a new directory of blogs. I dont know how your website came up, could have been a typoo, anyway,Your story looks well-thought-out. Have a good day.


  4. The micro flat twists on Lurie are beautiful. Can you do this style with permed hair?


  5. Anu, I wanted to ask about the silky flat twists with straw set. My hair dresser did this style on me recently. After a couple of days I had the fly away tendrils on the edges. The model’s hair looks silky and minus fly aways. What did you use to help with that? My hair is permed, but I have been growing it out for the last 3 months.

    Is the straw set all her hair or did you add any extensions?


    • Flat to scalp styles like cornrow and flat twists, tend to get fuzzy, but that should happen after a few weeks, not a few days. I have had flat twists for three weeks now and I don’t tie it down and it’s still not that fuzzy. Tying your hair down at night could help. Also, the texture of one’s hair will have an effect on how well the style holds up.

      In our photo that is the model’s own natural hair. You could also use mousse or a light gel to hold the hair down but you have to be careful of product build up.


  6. there are many bridal gown options these days but i thought those black wedding gowns are cool too -“`


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