Heads Up: A Soulful Celebration of Our HAIRitage

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‘HEADS UP! A Soulful Celebration of Our HAIRitage’ Will Lift Spirits

April 29, 2009 (BROOKLYN, NEW YORK) — Melba Tolliver, the first Black person to anchor a network TV news show, will take part in a frank discussion and liberating celebration of Black Hair on Wednesday, May 20th at 6 pm at the Kumble Theater for the Performing Arts on the Long Island University campus in downtown Brooklyn. Heads Up! A Soulful Celebration of Our HAIRitage will gather women and men of all ages for an evening of healing, wholeness and appreciation through dialogue, film and performance. Admission is FREE and all hair styles and viewpoints are welcome!

Joining us will be filmmaker Kathe Sandler, author Nana Camille Yarbrough, panelists Farah Jasmine Griffin, asha bandele, Adémola Mandella, Michaela Angela Davis and Mireille Liong-A-Kong, environmentalist Majora Carter, actress Dominique Morisseau, dancer Fatima Friday and percussionist Mten Halsey. Rev. Malika Lee Whitney and actress Phyllis Y. Stickney will host. Khamit Kinks founder Anu Prestonia conducts an interview and her salon presents a mini bridal hair show.

Ms. Tolliver will read from her upcoming memoir, “Accidental Anchorwoman: Chance, Choice, Change” (See melbatolliver.com). Thirty-eight years ago, while a reporter at WABC-TV, she stopped relaxing her hair. Her new Afro was deemed unsuitable and Ms. Tolliver was told she’d have to straighten it or cover it up while on assignment for the White House wedding of President Nixon’s daughter Tricia. When she failed to comply, she was banned from the news studio set until supportive viewers demanded her reinstatement. Back then, a Black woman was criticized for visiting the White House on her own terms. Today a Black woman lives at the White House!

Heads Up! will salute natural-hair pioneers, accomplished professionals and everyday folk. Attendees are invited to bring along a “Natural Inspiration” friend or colleague and the event’s theme, “Let’s talk, laugh and be fearlessly tender-headed,” will set the tone.

The Kumble Theater is located on Flatbush Avenue between DeKalb and Willoughby. Call the theater at 718-488-1624.To RSVP call Khamit Kinks salon at 718-422-2600, contact info@headsuphairitage.com or visit www.headsuphairitage.com, where you can also reserve your beautiful Heads Up! logo button designed by Sheila Prevost. This event is presented in association with the Kumble Theater and is sponsored by Khamit Kinks salon, Nu Web Order Designs and Hostivity.

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