Trini Braids


Most recently Mireille Liong owner of Going Natural, called the salon and explained that she’s been wearing her own hair without extensions, but she was looking to do something different.  She wanted to give herself a break from having to handle her hair on a daily basis; it takes time and energy – the combing, twisting, setting and untwisting day in and day out.  And she also wanted to give her hair a rest from daily grooming.  Mireille, also mentioned she had an idea about a style, she wanted to just wear large plaits.

Now that’s a term you rarely hear, “plaits”.  You hear twists, braids, cornrows, Locs, weaves etc. but when I hear the word plaits, it takes me back to my childhood, to simplicity regarding our hair.  But I had the perfect style for her, our classic Khamit Kinks Trini Braids.

Our Trini braids are the modern version of plaits.  Trini Braids are modern, because extensions are added, unlike the plaits of our childhood.  But it’s also a style that in addition to being youthful, it is also simple yet elegant.  This is a style you can definitely dress up or dress down.

What are Trini braids?  The Trini style is basically a finely crafted, over-hand, braid that requires great skill and dexterity, to get it right.   The Trini braids were a spin off of our Goddess braids.  Trini Braids were created by top Stylist Shelly Toppin (from Trinidad)  when she worked at Khamit Kinks in the early 90’s.  Master Stylist Seshua Mandulo a.k.a. Sesh, did the Trini style created here on Mirielle.  Trini braids are a perfect look for spring (summer and fall) liberating and fun.  Check out Going Natural to see the before and after of Mireille and then give call us for your Trini braids today.

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  1. Yes, after moving, keeping the site afloat and making products, I needed a break and not just from doing hair, lol. I just needed to catch my breath.

    Going to Khamit Kinks was absolutely wonderful! I am tender headed but I fell asleep while Sesh, the Stylist was doing my hair. Sure, after haven’t wearing extensions for a couple of years I had to get used to the braids but on my way home I already got a compliment from a nice brother with locs. Yes, I am enjoying this break.

    Thanks Anu. You know you are wonderful but I’ll say it again. Kudos to Sesh.


  2. Voli Dublino thinks you are right!


  3. Do you know of any braider in FL primarily Tampa Bay area that can pull off your Trini Braids?!


  4. Posted by soyini on June 7, 2011 at 3:43 pm

    Is there added hair in the Trini braids? If so, what kind?


    • Yes, there’s definitely hair added, a lot of hair and it’s synthetic hair as human hair would be very, very costly to achieve the Trini look. Not to mentipon it would not hold the tightness of the weave of the braid.


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