Real Solutions for Thinning Hair


Lately I’ve noticed a significant increase in the number of clients who are experiencing the thinning of their hair. Typically this hair thinning occurs in the crown of the head. This hair loss can be caused by any number of reasons- illness, medication, trauma, stress, hormone fluctuations, heredity and the list goes on.

As women approach menopause there are a number of changes that occur and loss of hair can be one of them. Not only does the hair thin out, but the texture can also change. We’ve also had a number of clients who [Thank God] have bounced back from chemotherapy. Initially, the newly growing hair is often times different in texture and color than before their treatments. One of our clients who is a cancer survivor has experienced going bald to having her hair grown in totally white and now it’s a beautiful combination consisting of 40% salt and 60% pepper.

There are a number of ways to address the thinning hair issue. Some women are fine with the thinning in terms of not using anything cover it up. Instead, they opt for Sister Locks and the longer they have the Sister Locks the fuller their hair becomes. This is because with any locking process you don’t have the daily shedding of hair. Instead, the hair coils around it self, making the hair eventually stronger, thicker and longer. Unlike Sister Locks, the weight of regular locs, can exacerbate the issue of thinning hair. Sister Locks seem to be a winning solution for many.

For those who aren’t interested in locking there’s traditional weaving and we also have other weaving solutions such as looping and netting. Looping is another great option whether your hair is thinning or not. Instead of the hair being sewn onto tracks, the hair is looped around a grid of braids on the scalp. It gives a full look that undetectable, generous and glorious. It’s also a way to having hair that stands up like in the case of the look above. Often times with braids the style will stands up in the beginning but then it flops when the new growth comes in. With looping it stay standing, giving that funky, hip look, like the model is wearing in the above photo.  Her hair is out on the sides, the back, the hairline and looped in the crown center.

If the hair is really thin and weak another solution is called netting. An actual net is sewn onto the scalp attached by the surrounding hair and the netting is used as tracking. Of course we also can recommend a host of hair and scalp treatment along with daily scalp massage to stimulate circulation and hair growth.

So a few things to consider: If your hair is thinning don’t add anything to your hair that’s going to cause additional stress to the existing hair. Do consider Sister Locks, traditional weaving, looping or netting for full coverage. Last but certainly not least, consider hair and scalp treatments that will invigorate both hair and scalp. And what ever you do, don’t hide under a hat or wig. It’s not necessary when there are so many great options.

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    • Posted by Pat on June 22, 2009 at 9:05 pm

      Dear Anu,

      I have a wide bald spot in the center back of my head, and it has been this way for a few years, with very little regrowth. None of the remedies from stylists and dermatologists have worked. I wear a wig, but I want to come out of it and wear a natural style. I do not want any chemicals or weaves. Can you suggest a few styling options for me?



      • Hi Pat, If you live in the area, I would recommend you coming in so we could see exactly what we could offer you. You said the area was wide. But how wide is wide and is there hair surrounding the area that we could use to attach hair? Let me know if you are able to come by. I could give you a much better recommendation if I could see your hair. If you don’t live in the area, then please send me a photo of your hair to


  2. Posted by CPJ on April 22, 2009 at 3:27 pm

    hi anu-

    Can you further explain the full covergae netting and looping weaves? I have never heard of them and am quite interested.



    • Hi CPJ,

      The netting and the looping are techniques used when clients have very thin or balding. It allows us to attach hair with out stressing the fragile areas of their hair. With looping your hair is braided and the extension hair is looped through the cornrows. With netting, your hair is cornrowed, the netting is sewn onto that and the wefts are then sewn onto the netting.


  3. Posted by Funmi Amobi on August 23, 2009 at 3:52 pm

    I live in the suburb of Phoenix, Arizona. I am 57 years old. My hair is thinning. I am interested in looping or netting. Could you please recommend a place or placeswhere I could get either of these procedures done in the Phoenix area? Thank you.



  4. Posted by Dorothea on October 6, 2009 at 9:39 pm


    I am 53 years old and have always has thin, soft hair.
    I have been locking for four years and noticed that I have a couple of thin locs, I am mad because I had to change from the original person to a new person this summer and she should have noticed a few of the locs getting thin at the roots and combined them with others at that time. But this time she showed me a couple of them. She suggested that I get hair extensions in them. What do you think? I have some very long ones, can’t they be cut and added to my hair? My hair is in the middle of my back If so I know I am not near you do you have any suggestions of shops that are very good thaqt I can go to to get this done. By the way I do love the way this person does my hair but not happy about her waiting to tell me this. Also can you let me about good hair products to use, I use more esstials oils most of the time. Thx


    • Dear Dorothea,

      If your hair is thin and soft, I would not recommend adding extension Locs. Adding more hair is a formula for more thinning. Also the length of your locs could further exacerbate the thinning of your Locs. Instead of adding more hair, if I were to give my professional recommendation, it would be to cut your Locs to a much shorter length; perhaps to the shoulders or just beyond the shoulders. That will also make your hair appear thicker.

      You asked about a recommendation but you forgot to mention where you are located? In the meantime,you might consider having an conversation with your Stylist about your expectations rather than just switching Stylist; especially since you say you like her work.


  5. Posted by Shaminique on March 29, 2011 at 10:20 am

    Hello, I live in Ohio and I was wondering if i should start my locs larger or smaller. My hair texture is very coily and dry but I have a full head of very “fine strands”. Should I make my looks bigger or smaller(not sisterlocks though) to avoid loosing my locs


    • Shaminique,
      The smaller your Locs the less the weight will be on your fragile hair. You mentioned not Sister Locs, but traditional Locs tend to snap and break when done too small. So hopefully you have a really skilled Stylist who will be looking out for the overall health of your hair long term.


  6. hi iam a 58 year old afro american woman, full of fashion and love to dress during the years i have lost most of my hair in the top of my head, from glue weave, i have been wearing wigs for almost a year now some of the hair is growing back but slowly i have a full hair all around sides and back, would i be candidate for the netting weave to get the tom boys look please help me i live in dallas texas and willing to travel to wherever to get help.


    • Dear Hester,
      I am sorry to hear about you hair loss, especially since it could have been avoided. Please send pictures of your head, the front, back and both sides and the top of your head as well. After we see the pictures we can determine the best course of action.


  7. Posted by Vee on June 23, 2011 at 5:31 pm

    Hi Anu, I’m a resident of Southern California and my problem is that my hair is damaged due to hair stylist using the wrong type of color products on my hair type and also a few have burned out parts of my hair. So I have decided regaurdless of my graying hair and uneven length, the all natural styles would be a good solution. I have a few questions. 1. Would you happen to know of any natural hair stylist in my area? 2. What type of products and hair would you suggest using for baby curl twist? (I prefer human hair, just to even out the length)

    Ready to do me!


    • Hi Vee,
      Unfortunately, I don’t know of any natural hair care salons in your area. In the meantime, there are a number of natural hair care directories around that can be found on sites like The Coil Review, or even found through a google search.

      I would not recommend using any products on the Baby Curl Twist other than a natural sheen spray. That hair is really good quality and doesn’t require much of anything in terms of products.


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