Stinky Hair

42-17860290I don’t mean to sound mean, but it’s time to address this problem, and there’s really no nice way to put it.   Some people have Stinky Hair.  And unfortunately, it’s of their own making.

When you have stinky hair, each time you lean it to hug or kiss someone, they get a whiff of this awful scent.  It’s a distinctive stench that requires special arrangements (a specific appointment) to address this problem.

The main culprits of stinky hair tend to be those with Locs that don’t have them groomed often enough and those who keep their weaves in for way too long.  Despite our advice, these particular clients will not come in any sooner to have their hair done.    There are some who will keep their weaves in for up to six months!  The toxic fumes drifting off the hair at this stage is staggering.

Once we remove the weave, there’s a pile of dirt in the client’s hair that is so thick, that it looks like mud, caked into their hair. The primary problem is that the client hasn’t booked enough time to deal with this issue, therefore with the time that we have to address the problem, the most we’ve been able to do is mask it.

Each time the hair is left dirty for this length of time, the more difficult it becomes to get this smell out.  It’s as though the hair is saturated to the core with this smell.  Often times the wearer can’t smell their hair because they’ve become accustomed to it.   We strongly recommend that before you have your hair styled again, that you make an appointment to have your hair examined and properly attended to with a treatment that will effectively cleanse and renew your hair.  Call us for more details 718.422.2600.

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