Inaugural Hair

In all the decades that I’ve voted, never have I known personally anyone that attended a presidential inauguration. That was until now. Now it seems everyone I know is attempting to attend this historic inauguration or celebrate in some way that day! I mean, can you blame them? Not really.

There will be all kinds of cel42-16547798ebrations, parties, balls, formal dinners and upscale affairs that folk will be attending. How will they wear their hair? I mean, one just can’t show up looking ordinary, for goodness sake! You’ve got to pull out all the stops! Who knows, yours might just be the photo that ends up in some popular publication or online for millions to see ― so you’d want to look your fabulous best! Some of us will be celebrating locally in our own towns. That’s no reason not to kick it up a notch.

How will you add that sparkle to your look?  We have some suggestions for what we’re calling “Inaugural Hair.” First, have your hair freshly done. Don’t go there with three inches of new growth. If you’ve had your hair done recently, you may consider a touch-up and/or a pin-up style. Another nice touch would be to add just-right ornaments, such as studded hair pins or a hint of glitter that will glimmer when you move. How will you be wearing your hair? Let us know.

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  1. Hey Anu – Happy New Year! Funny that you sent this newsletter out today because I made my appointment earlier to get my hair touched up for the inaugural festivities! Just want my hair big, curly and free for the swearing-in ceremony and parties that I’m attending. I think it’s only appropriate that I have bushy hair to help usher in our nation’s first Black president! And I’ll be sure to bring some Khamit Kinks business cards to pass along if I bump into the first lady and daughters – how cool that Malia wears two-strand twists!
    This will be the second time I’ve attended inaugural celebrations in Washington, D.C. – I actually attended parties celebrating Bill Clinton’s first election. As much fun as that was, I doubt it will compare to what’s about to go down! I think it will be electrifying and emotional, and I feel so blessed to be alive and able to participate. God is Awesome.
    See you next week!


    • Tracy,

      It sounds like you’re going to be doing the “Darn Thing”! We look forward to helping you have the look that will be “outstanding” in the crowd. I am certain that every Khamit Kinks style will be a head turner!


  2. Posted by maria on January 25, 2009 at 8:19 pm

    If I have any comments about michelle’s inaugural outfit. I had only wished they would of curled her hair up off the shoulder, showed some earrings. the hair and dress did not match and she looked like she changed in the car and was tired. no glamour…..


    • Dear Maria,

      I thought Michelle looked great. I do believe for formals wearing your hair up is more sophisticated look, whether one’s hair is natural or chemically straightened. But overall I thought the First Lady looked grand!


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