The importance of touch-ups

gypsy-twist.jpg One of the primary hair regimes that is a mainstay of our services at Khamit Kinks, is the “touch up”. Touch ups are important because of how they preserve one’s hairline. A beautiful and healthy hairline is like a gorgeous frame around a great piece of art. As you may know, many years ago, braids got a bad rap as a technique that damaged your hair line. In many cases it wasn’t how the hair was braided that cause this damage. What caused the damage was the stress on the new growth as the hair grew out of the head and the extensions hung from this new growth. The weight of the extensions pulling at the hair and actually pulling the follicles right out of the head caused balding hairlines. Today clients are much more informed and Khamit Kink’s clients are very savvy about booking appointments for their touch ups. For best results a touch up is best done four to six weeks after the initial style. A basic touch up consists of removing single braids or twists from the hair line and replacing those braids or twist. Not only does this process protect your hairline, it also gives your hairstyle a fresh look and it also uplifts the face, making you look refreshed. There are still those who like to come in eight to twelve weeks asking for a touch up. That’s way too late and the damage has already begun. So make the sacrifice to protect your hairline and and give yourself a fresh look by scheduling your touch up ahead of time. Otherwise the time could get away from you. We offer this information and much more on our website, See our online Consultation page. More hair!

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  1. Great post!!!

    See my article on the braiding industry


  2. Posted by Bonita on April 18, 2008 at 9:14 pm

    thank you for the suggestion of having retouch done 4-6 weeks. this was my biggest worry in having twists put in the pull along the hair line. thank you again.


  3. Posted by Saran on September 2, 2008 at 1:24 am

    Hi, I would like the hairstyle shown in the photograph of this post. They look like kinky twists. How much would that be in your shop and what type of hair should I purchase? I’d like to make an appointment.

    I have off black hair color but I do want lighter colored tips at the end.

    Thank you and have a great day.


  4. Hi Sara,

    Please click on this link to receive the details to your question. You can double click on the image for more details.


  5. Posted by Nicky on September 18, 2008 at 11:41 pm

    The pics where you used Baby curl hair, where can that be purchased? What brand of hair is that, do you sell it?



  6. Dear Nicky,

    The Baby Curl hair can be purchased at our on line store.


  7. I purchased the gypsy curls from khamit kinks. The hair wasn’t what I was expecting. How do you get the hair to extend (long look being the hair is short and curly) to look like the model’s hair?


    • Dear Handy,

      If you’re not a professional Stylist I hope you’re not attempting this style on your own. The tresses are separated and staggered before being attached to your hair.


  8. Love this article about traction on the airline!
    Nice blog althoug!


  9. Great post! I’ve posted a comment earlier but couldn’t see it so i write another one =)
    Nice blog^^


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